Pacopatch project

City of Westminster road repairs

Quick, robust and minimal disruption to traffic flow

Our recently undertaken Pacopatch works within The City of Westminster have helped to ensure the future stability of one of London’s most trafficked roads.

Successful completion of this project required our team to work to strict timescales, owing to a limited scope for traffic management.

Utilising Pacopatch was therefore the most appropriate method for the repairs – a process which involves backfilling with additional grout to produce a voidless, impermeable, monolithic and permanent reinstatement. This can be completed in a variety of surface finishes and allows for resuming road use within a few hours.

Pacopatch requires no compacting, is applied by hand float and enables applicators to economically patch even very small, irregular areas, to a consistent, voidless standard.

These works were completed within the timescales set, meaning the client could ensure Westminster motorists were quickly back on the affected stretches of road.

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